Environmental Credentials

BER Leed Platinum

The Seamark Building has a BER rating of A3 and a LEED rating of Platinum (LEED Core and Shell 2009 – V3).



The building scores excellently as a sustainable site with access to amenities, services and housing within walking distance, reducing long distance commutes and transport pollution.


The Seamark Building offers multiple transport links including bus and rail services. Cyclists can benefit from a local cycle network, storage and changing facilities provided in the building.


Generous open space has been provided with native and adaptive planting prioritized, reducing the need for additional watering, increasing site biodiversity and providing visual interest for occupants.

Water Efficiency

Water efficient sanitary fixtures have been specified, reducing overall building water consumption.

Energy Efficiency

Energy supplied to the Seamark Building from a centralised campus energy centre.


The Seamark Building offers an abundance of daylight and views with significant glazing along all sides of the external façade. Direct access to daylight and a connection to the external environment is proven to enhance mental wellbeing and productivity.

Waste Recycling

The Seamark Building provides excellent waste collection facilities that enable tenants to streamline waste recycling and achieve noteworthy landfill diversion rates.

Healthy Indoor Environment

During construction low VOC paints, coatings, adhesives, and sealants were specified preventing the introduction of air pollutants which may cause irritation to occupants.

Building Materials

During construction products and systems produced regionally, with high levels of recycled content and those with sustainable certification were prioritised thereby reducing the building’s ecological footprint.